Dana Richard Warren

Assistant Professor, Senior Research
Dept. Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR 97331
ph: (541) 737-5319
email: dana.warren ‘at’ oregonstate.edu

I am a research faculty member and instructor in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University.  I work in aquatic ecosystems and have a broad range of research interests.  My primary focus is fish ecology but I take a whole ecosystem perspective in the study of fish and my research therefore encompasses aquatic-terrestrial linkages, stream biogeochemistry, and stream restoration.


Ph.D.  -  Cornell University      2008

M.S.    -  Cornell University      2003

B.A.    -  Skidmore College       1998

Warren CV 3-1-13



Recent publications

  • Kratzer J.F., D.R. Warren.  2013. Brook trout biomass limiting factors in northeastern Vermont streams. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 33:130-139
  • Bechtold, H.A., E.J. Rosi-Marshall, D.R. Warren, J.J. Cole. 2012.  A practical method for measuring integrated solar radiation reaching streambeds. Freshwater Science 31:1070-1077
  • Kratzer J.F., D.R. Warren.  2012. How much temporal replication do we need to estimate salmonid abundance in streams? Fisheries Ecology and Management 19:441-443.
  • Warren, D.R., M.M. McClure. 2012. Are hatchery-origin juvenile Chinook a meaningful source of salmon-derived nutrients in the Snake River basin? Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 141:1287–1294.
  • Ernst, A.G., D.R. Warren, B.P. Baldigo. 2012. Natural-channel-design stream restorations that changed geomorphology have little effect on macroinvertebrate communities in headwater streams.  Restoration Ecology. 20:532-540
  • Warren, D.R., J. Robinson, D.C. Josephson, D. Sheldon, C.E. Kraft.  2012. Impacts of increasing summer temperatures on spawning phenology for resident trout in a mountain lake. Global Change Biology 18:1804-1811.

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